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Actually think there’s a part of mine and Marshall’s relationship that is Stoick and Valka.

Because ever time they see me their face just lights up and they have this massive soppy smile and say I’m beautiful and I get these crazy butterflies that I got when we first started dating, and no matter how long we’ve been separated (by dragons or by long-distance), we just pick it right up again and go on dancing like we were never apart and for me that’s something I’ve always wanted in life so I’m really glad I have them in my life.

My Stoick, I will love you for all eternity.


Sad shitty comics about it - 4/6

Headcanon that Stoick was away when Valka gave birth to Hiccup at seven months. Stoick probably swam and sailed the savage seas (badum tsssss) to get back to Berk and see his son. I think in the movie Valka implied that Hiccup “came early into this world” and I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

Sorry this one’s a bit sloppy. Anyway, I’ve decided with just six sad shitty comics so I can move on to maybe happier shitty comics. There have been a number of happy requests and I’ll be sure to get to them after I get all the angsty ones out. Don’t forget to be a dear tag your spoilers! XO.

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