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Aww yeah going to see the other half this evening. Long-ass train journey on my own but worth it >D also the trains to Marshall’s have a hot beverage trolley and air con YEAH BOI!! Mine are peasant trains and smell of piss TnT


Really should have done my roots but hey, I have another pack so imma do that once this lot fades.

Also it’s super soft like wat my hair usually feels like sandpaper how is this possible.

Definitely going darker than this for MCM weekend… RED AND PINK HAIR YES PLEASE.


Look what arrived today~!

So Lucy I’m all set for the wedding now we just got to set a date ;)

Fudgin’ ace. Lemme get my dress. By the way if you had dark hair you’d totally look like Nick from L4D.

Work today

OH GOD I COULDN’T TAKE IT. I heard my boss say the term “grease nipple” about seven times, as well as “it’s got three grease nipples” and “they can put the nipple in the post”. I was just sitting there losing my shit like

Also apparently there’s a place in England called Penistone. Jfc I can’t handle this shit :P

And working in an office selling garden machinery means the terms “shaft”, “lubrication”, “screws” and “vibration” come up a lot. I’ve narrowly avoided spewing coffee everywhere on these occasions.

Aw yeah hair dye arrived ^u^



Pictures when I have unleashed my fabulous final form ;P

you’re going to look super kawaii desuuuuuu~ (sorry couldn’t resist ^^’)

I got some parcels today as well :P cosplay stuff~ just wait till you see!!! :’D I’ll upload a photo later


(no that gif isn’t a hint………….or is it!! :O)

Ahh shit bro I wanna see it show me show me show me!!!!

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