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PSA for cosplayers: First Aid.

Hey guys! With con season starting up and London Expo just around the corner, I thought I should let you in on a little tip to keep yourselves safe and possibly save somebody.

Now, while conventions will have first aid stands, smaller things like grazed knees or feeling faint may need quicker treatment. Plus it’s always good to wise up on your first aid.

If you’re in the UK and have a smartphone, I highly recommend downloading the St Johns Ambulance app. It’s free and could really come in handy in emergencies. It gives clear illustrated instructions as well as an audio option for a lot of common injuries and ailments, and comes from the masters of first aid, St Johns Ambulance.

While this is no replacement for real first aid training and in case of emergencies you should always seek help, sometimes you just need to do something. I’ll give you some examples when that app could have really helped, mmkay?

In my Bio classin A-Level we had to do dissections. Long story short, I fainted and in the process of hitting the ground managed to cut my head on a shelf and knock myself out temporarily. Graceful as shite, me. Anyway, the app gives instructions about putting someone in the recovery position and what to do in the event of a concussion.

In cosplay terms, it can cover a lot. From dehydration (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE >.>) to fainting to cuts and bruises to asthma attacks. Some of this could really help somebody at a con who needs help. As always, try to find the first aider, but for smaller things (particularly when travelling or in hotel rooms) this app could seriously help. 

Also for you lady cosplayers, you never know when you may need ibuprofen/paracetamol and lady supplies, so pack a mini first aid kit with anything you may need while at the con. Mine usually contains painkillers, various plasters, an antiseptic wipe, blister plasters, granola bar (or some form of energy source) and medicine for stomach pain. AND ALWAYS BRING WATER. Fo shizz.

PSA over. Any questions about the app or general con survival stuff feel free to message me.

And now for a gif of BMO having a sprinkle.

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